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» Field Exam Plus

Field Exam Plus
Field Exam Plus is a unique approach to collateral reviews which enables lenders to obtain a more thorough and timely assessment of risk exposure. While traditional field exams are check-list driven and often performed by low cost providers or in-house staff with less diversified professional experience, Field Exam Plus offers a more risk based approach with customized procedures based on our risk assessment, performed by an experienced team of professionals possessing extensive multi-dimensional experience in restructuring, liquidation, workouts, diligence and forensics.

Our Field Exam Plus customized service is warranted in higher-risk situations, such as:

  • Declining financial performance by borrower;
  • Liquidity constraints/limited availability;
  • Inadequate reporting systems and/or weak control environment;
  • Borrowing base includes higher risk collateral;
  • Complex accounting methodologies;
  • Concerns over proper valuation of collateral (i.e. appraisals/dilution);
  • Distressed economic/industry conditions;
  • Integrity concerns;
  • High management turnover and/or vacant finance positions;
  • Pre-funding diligence for larger loans.

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